The after work….

For those who ordered their QSL card via PayPal... THANK YOU! Also, for those who provided extra sponsorship to the J38R team... all of you, thank you! If all goes well, all the LOTW confirmations ordered via Tim, M0URX, have already been processed. The photos needed to design the QSL cards have been delivered to the QSL printer. It will take at least another month before we can start writing out the mountain of QSL cards... thanks for your understanding.

News bulletin@Grenada… #10

As this story reaches you, we are already in the process of dismantling the 160 and 80m antennas. Around noon (local time), the Spiderbeam will also come down. Then, as a final step, we'll pack up the 60m dipole, the 40m, and 30m vertical antennas. It has been an incredible journey involving six dedicated individuals that has led to this amazing result. Special thanks go to the local radio amateurs who came to our rescue by providing us with a third radio, allowing us to achieve this outcome. Also, to those of you who sometimes had to wait for hours to make that much-needed QSO with us, we are grateful. There's still more to come in the future, and we look forward to adding another new DXCC country to your logs. There are certainly areas where we can improve, and the tips you've sent have contributed to our success. Now, it's time for us to return to our families, whom we've missed dearly. 73, and until next time... where? We're not sure yet.

News bulletin@Grenada… #9

Today, we encountered a problem with the borrowed transceiver (FT450D), which suddenly stopped working. We found that the supply voltage was only arriving at the transceiver with a difference of 1.6V. Upon further inspection, we were relieved to discover that a fuse had blown, and the radio was still operational... phew. Today, we had to drive 100km to the capital to pick up our "official" license. Unfortunately, the original license was not available yet, so we have to return tomorrow. The pileups are less intense, but the demand remains adequate. We can now focus more on less-served areas like VK/ZL and Japan. Although we've made good progress with Japan already, the demand remains high, especially on 80 and 160m. We also made an extra effort on 60m by being QRV in FT8. The signals were tremendous. Tomorrow will be the last day we'll be QRV on 80 and 160m...

People, if you are sure that you have worked us but you are not yet in the log... DO NOT WORK US AGAIN! We have noticed that the live log on Clublog does not always update correctly. We are aware of the issue but cannot fix it immediately. We also manually upload the log to Clublog from a PC every day to ensure that everything is logged... so please be patient and rest assured. If you still don't see yourself in the log, then send an email to Tim, MØURX... THANK YOU!

News bulletin@Grenada… #8

Today, the team discussed the dismantling of the antennas. 160m, 80m, and 60m will be active for the last time during the night between Friday and Saturday local time. After that, they will be the first to be dismantled. Throughout the day, 30m, 40m, and the Spiderbeam will follow. The specific order of dismantling will be further discussed on Saturday.

We are QRV on FT8 throughout the night on various bands that are not being used for CW and SSB operations with 100W

On the picture from L/R:




News bulletin@Grenada… #7

Last night, we had another good run on 80m in SSB. On 160m, it continues to be a struggle against QRM and mutual interference. Signals aren't strong, but they can be worked. We were also active in FT8 on 160m for a while, but with only 100W, as using more power would mean sacrificing one of our high-power stations. Unfortunately, only one station can operate on 60m, otherwise, we could alternate between FT8 and CW on that band as well. We stayed active until after sunrise to experience the sunset with Japan, but the bands weren't performing as expected. We had to call CQ for a long time with little response. We are QRV every night around 5 AM UTC to catch the sunrise on 60, 80, and 160m.
We frequently experience that stations do not listen to how their call sign is being sent in CW. Please, check if what you send matches before calling us. You only cause interference and you won't get logged... result...frustration! On 60m, we transmit on 5351 and listen for EU stations up. For the USA, we listen DWN...

If I look at the banner of J38R, I suddenly feel 15 years younger haha. Thanks to whoever took the time to make that. Great job!

News bulletin@Grenada… #6

During the past night, we were QRV again on the lower bands as agreed, now also for the first time on 60m in CW. Unfortunately, we're experiencing interference roughly every fifteen minutes, almost completely disrupting the band. The source seems to be somewhere nearby, but we haven't been able to pinpoint it yet. Many operators were able to work us for the first time on 60m from Grenada in years. There hasn't been much activity on the lower bands here in recent years, given the still enormous pileups we encounter.

In the photo, you can see a downed Cuban aircraft during the conflicts in the 1980s.

News bulletin@Grenada… #5

We regularly notice that stations keep calling us in FT8 even though they are already in the log.... If we call you, and after 1 minute you are not in the "live Clublog," feel free to call us again. Otherwise, please refrain from calling us, and give others the opportunity, especially for stations from a different continent. It's extra challenging for them. Another issue is if you are not in the log; there's no need to report it directly to the team. They already have a tough time getting everyone logged. The only route to report such matters is through our QSL manager (M0URX). We send the log to him daily, and he makes the necessary adjustments in consultation with us.... Thank you! Tonight, we will also activate 60m.... Until later!

News bulletin@Grenada… #4

Yesterday, we had a successful run on 160m in CW and on 80m in SSB. Signals were received well here. On 160m, the signals were even strong from the region of Kazakhstan and Russia against their sunrise. On 80m, we made many people happy as well. The team remains motivated and in good condition... Until later!

News bulletin@Grenada… #3

The pile-ups continue to be enormous on all bands! There is a high demand for 80m and especially 160m, and we are aware of that. We will be QRV tonight at sunset (local time). For 60m, we have an issue with the transceiver that cannot transmit on that frequency without a modification. So, we may have to sacrifice an SSB or CW station with an amplifier to be QRV on this band. We will explore whether we can perform the necessary modification. We notice that some stations are working us multiple times even though they are already in the log and also in the Clublog. Please, give other operators a chance to get in the log... thank you!

News bulletin@Grenada… #2

The antenna for 60m is up and can be used. Yesterday, we were able to borrow a radio from one of the local amateurs. We needed some improvisation to make the station operational for digital modes, but we succeeded! Last night, one of the 3 linears malfunctioned. It's not producing any power anymore. Unfortunately,  we have 2 linears to use and 1 station running barefoot working in FT8. This morning, we had to battle against static on 80m and 160m. Some JA stations have been logged, but not enough, we know. We've already greeted several local amateurs... J35X, J39JC, and J35AC.

Hopefully, we'll have more success on the lower bands tonight... Until later!