All our suitcases are packed!

All suitcases are packed...ready for transport!

Karel, ON5TN began with packing the suitcases... A total of 337 kg of gear was packed into different sizes of suitcases, bags and longue ski cases (spider poles).

Final Live Clublog test

Final tests on the Clublog livelog tests

Yesterday Filip, ON4FF and Marc ON6CC did the final tests on the configuration of our 3 log PC's with Live Clublog. A 4th PC's will assist in handeling or correcting the log updates. We are using a Raspberry Pi 4 to do the job + 1 spare if things fail. A Raspberry pi is handy if one of the PC's crashes, or does not have any connection with the network anymore. If local internet connection does not allow us to make a decent internet connection, we will still have our MIFI connection to upload the log.

We are good for the DX Pedition Trophy 2024

The event was born in 2016 on the idea of some lovers of the Dx and Dx Pedition.

The annual event (January 1st-December 31st) is to be ahead of the competition it self, a great party where many friends with the same Hobby from around the world join, and also want to be a way that encourages small open to the world of Dx Pedition as a hunter and to little stations to be heard more often during the course of the year;

What is it about:

During the course of the year the Staff decides a number of Dx Pedition + or - easy to do around the world, and for each of them each participant has to try to make the most of the qso to fill in more possible slots in vari log;

At each end, Dx Pedition will take care of the Committee to extrapolate your log call and calculate the score obtained by each participant, so you do not have to do anything except to do the qo (no station log should be sent);

More info at this link

Test – day at ON5TN

Testing 3 stations with the amp

We did a RFI test in combination with all possible configurations of the frequencies between 1.8 and 28 MHz. Not all bands did react well and we had some finetuning to do. It was the first time we met with the full team.

Bjorn, ON9CFG our pilot station

Our main pilot, Bjorn, ON9CFG

Bjorn, ON9CFG will be our pilot throughout the DXpedition. Bjorn has been our main pilot in 2 other Dxpeditions in the past.... 9U4U and EP6T. If you have any questions related to the DXpedition please ask him...on9cfg at, thanks!


Upgrade in performance with the 80 & 160m vertical

Update on the 80 & 160m combo vertical

Marc and Karel did some interesting tests with their combo vertical. The 80m part performed well in combination with the 160m vertical on one fiber pole. Next time the 160m portion will be handled. Marc uses a hairpin match to get the impedance right

60m band…..

We have just been informed that 60m is only allowed to work in SSB. We are trying to get a license to operate in FT8 & CW as well.

Testing Clublog with DXlog and MSHV

Link test Clublog - DXlog - MSHV

Today Marc, ON6CC did some tests with Clublog "live" in combination with DXlog and MSHV. All QSO's were imported automatically into DXlog and transferred to Clublog live. We did the test with the special event stations call (OP37EUDXF).... Hopefully we have a good WIFI link or 4G link for live internet in Grenada so you can see our live logupdates....

Testing the station setup

Station setup at Karel's place - 2 times TS590SG

Karel, ON5TN is testing out this setup:

  • 2 times TS590SG
  • Microham DXP interface
  • SPE Expert 1.5
  • DXlog software by 9A5K
  • BPF filters

The 8 channel RX splitter

The 8 channel RX splitter for 160/80 and 40 meter by K9AY

With this device it is possible to manage 3 bands with 8 different RX antennes