The pentaplexer

Patrick, ON4HIL testing out the Pentaplexer

Working on 5 bands with 5 radio's on 1 antenna? It's possible with this Pentaplexer from RA6LBS.

80m vertical up and running!


The 80m vertical was installed and tested at the QTH of Karel, ON5TN

Adding the 40m vertical….

Another fruitful day when it came to testing the antennas. Here the 40m vertical...also tested at high power

Testing the 30m vertical

The 30m vertical.... The vaseline did the trick for proper connections

18m DXcommander and 160m inv. V

Marc ON4MA and Karel, ON5TN doing some test with the 18m high Spider pole with the elements of the DX commander

First tests on the Spiderbeam