News bulletin@Grenada… #10

As this story reaches you, we are already in the process of dismantling the 160 and 80m antennas. Around noon (local time), the Spiderbeam will also come down. Then, as a final step, we'll pack up the 60m dipole, the 40m, and 30m vertical antennas. It has been an incredible journey involving six dedicated individuals that has led to this amazing result. Special thanks go to the local radio amateurs who came to our rescue by providing us with a third radio, allowing us to achieve this outcome. Also, to those of you who sometimes had to wait for hours to make that much-needed QSO with us, we are grateful. There's still more to come in the future, and we look forward to adding another new DXCC country to your logs. There are certainly areas where we can improve, and the tips you've sent have contributed to our success. Now, it's time for us to return to our families, whom we've missed dearly. 73, and until next time... where? We're not sure yet.