The Team of 6 members

ON4MA  I  Marc  I  Co-Leader

  • Licensed in 1991
  • Interests: DXCC ,Low Band Dxing, building antennes, cycling and walking
  • Activations: 1994-1996 ON7LIR (OT5A) 1996-2010 station ON4UN - OT7T – OT5G
  • Clubs: UBA, RRDXA
  • Preferred modes : CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8

ON5TN  I  Karel  I  Co-Leader

  • Licensed in 1996
  • Interests: DX-hunting, station automation
  • Activations: OPØLE, OT7T, Activation of the Antarctic base Elisabeth as OR4TN, The Rockall IOTA expedition MMØRAI/p
  • DX-peditions: R1ANN, XU7ACN, 6W/ON5TN, B1C, BY8AC, 4O3T, HBØ/OT4K
  • Clubs: UBA, Rockall DX Group
  • Preferred modes: CW and SSB

ON7RU  I  Franky  I  Member

  • Licensed in 1994
  • Interests: Hamradio, DIY powerwall & cycling
  • Activations: LX, EA6, EA8 and activated several LH in Belgium, France, Portugal & Spain
  • DX pedititions: C56RU, C8T, EP6T, 9U4U, KH6/ON7RU, T32C, 5A21PA, C56EL and JWØX
  • Clubs: UBA, GDXF, Rockall DX Group
  • Preferred modes: SSB & CW

ON6CC  I  Marc  I  Member

  • Licensed in 1993
  • Interests: DXing, Contesting, Buiding antenna's, Building websites
  • DXpeditions: F/OT2A (EU-105), 9Q5ØON, TN2T, 9U4U, EP6T and JWØX
  • Clubs: UBA, EUDXF, CDXC, Rockall DX Group
  • Preferred modes: CW, SSB and Digital modes

ON5RA  I  Pascal  I  Member

  • Licensed in 1992
  • Interests: Contesting, DXpedition, Traveling and Karate instructor
  • Activations: OT5A, TM7T, A47RS, A43QAT, Y86V
  • DXpeditions: XU7KOH, TK/ON5RA, 9A/ON5RA, E7/ON5RA, EA8/ON5RA, S5/ON5RA, Z3/ON5RA, XV2A and JWØX
  • Club: UBA
  • Preferred modes: CW, SSB and Digital modes

ON4HIL  I  Patrick  I  Member

  • Licensed in 2005
  • Interests: Contesting, shack automation, traveling
  • Activations: OT2A, TK/OT2A, F/OT2A, 9A/OT2A, SV8/OT2A, 6Y5/ON4HIL, CT/OT2A, A6/ON4HIL, 3A/ON4HIL, 3V8SS, MMØRAI/p (EU-146)
  • Clubs: UBA, Rockall DX Group
  • DXpeditions: 4S7HIG, 6V7P, 9Q5ØON, PJ2A, TN2T, 9U4U and EP6T
  • Preferred modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

ON9CFG  I  Bjorn  I  Pilot

  • Licensed in 1995
  • Editor for DX World bulletin
  • Pilot station for 9U4U (2013)
    Pilot station for FT4TA (2014)
    Pilot station for EP6T (2015)
    Pilot station for FT4JA (2016)
    Pilot station for VK9NZ (2016)
    Pilot station for VK9MA (2017)
    Pilot station for 3B7A (2018)
    Pilot station for 3Y0Z (2018)
    Pilot station for KB1 Baker (2018)
    Pilot station for A35JT (2019)
    Pilot station for South Orkney (2020)

Questions can be asked about the operation to on9cfg at