News bulletin@Grenada… #7

Last night, we had another good run on 80m in SSB. On 160m, it continues to be a struggle against QRM and mutual interference. Signals aren't strong, but they can be worked. We were also active in FT8 on 160m for a while, but with only 100W, as using more power would mean sacrificing one of our high-power stations. Unfortunately, only one station can operate on 60m, otherwise, we could alternate between FT8 and CW on that band as well. We stayed active until after sunrise to experience the sunset with Japan, but the bands weren't performing as expected. We had to call CQ for a long time with little response. We are QRV every night around 5 AM UTC to catch the sunrise on 60, 80, and 160m.
We frequently experience that stations do not listen to how their call sign is being sent in CW. Please, check if what you send matches before calling us. You only cause interference and you won't get logged... result...frustration! On 60m, we transmit on 5351 and listen for EU stations up. For the USA, we listen DWN...

If I look at the banner of J38R, I suddenly feel 15 years younger haha. Thanks to whoever took the time to make that. Great job!