QSL policy

Our QSL manager MØURX

Direct mail QSL:

5 Euros mailed anywhere in the world. Includes LoTW upload.

Confirmation requests received with insufficient funds will be returned via BURO, no exceptions.

Tim Beaumont M0URX
83 Limbrick Avenue
Tile Hill
Coventry West Midlands 



Please include a Self Addressed Envelope: 114mm x 162mm (4.5 x 6.4 inches).

NO coins from any country.
NO postage stamps of any kind.

US Stations: Please use your 9-digit zip code. It minimizes errors with the mailing from UK.

Direct QSL and LoTW:

OQRS via PayPal €5.00
Mailed anywhere in the world.
Unlimited confirmations per call sign.
LoTW upload processed within 48 hours.

Express LoTW :

OQRS via PayPal €5.00.
LoTW processed within 48 hours.
Unlimited LoTW confirmations per call sign. This option is for those who don't want a card.

You may wish to wait until END of DXpedition to request all QSO's in one request.

Full Log LoTW upload after 6 months

Log Inquiries: Busted or Missing?

First CHECK the date and time of the last QSO on the log.

Please use the NOT IN LOG button on J38R log search.

We only accept online log check requests. No emails will be answered.

Please do not send emails to any team member regarding Busted or Not in Log Calls. Unless otherwise requested please do not send your log, screenshots, spreadsheets, etc. to the QSL Manager or Team Members. Thank you.

Kindest Regards, Tim Beaumont MØURX
United Radio QSL Management Bureau