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60m band…..

We have just been informed that 60m is only allowed to work in SSB. We are trying to get a license to operate in FT8 & CW as well.

Testing Clublog with DXlog and MSHV

Today Marc, ON6CC did some tests with Clublog “live” in combination with DXlog and MSHV. All QSO’s were imported automatically into DXlog and transferred to Clublog live. We did the test with the special event stations call (OP37EUDXF)…. Hopefully we have a good WIFI link or 4G link for live internet in Grenada so you …

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Testing the station setup

Karel, ON5TN is testing out this setup: 2 times TS590SG Microham DXP interface SPE Expert 1.5 DXlog software by 9A5K BPF filters

The 8 channel RX splitter

With this device it is possible to manage 3 bands with 8 different RX antennes

The pentaplexer

Working on 5 bands with 5 radio’s on 1 antenna? It’s possible with this Pentaplexer from RA6LBS.

80m vertical up and running!

  The 80m vertical was installed and tested at the QTH of Karel, ON5TN

Adding the 40m vertical….

Another fruitful day when it came to testing the antennas. Here the 40m vertical…also tested at high power

Testing the 30m vertical

The 30m vertical…. The vaseline did the trick for proper connections

18m DXcommander and 160m inv. V

Marc ON4MA and Karel, ON5TN doing some test with the 18m high Spider pole with the elements of the DX commander

First tests on the Spiderbeam