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Powercut for 3 hours...


Last night, was a long night... we had a powercut for more than 3 hours. Normally we are on air 24 hours per day, so stay tuned.

It was also fine to put the first NA station on 160 mtr in our logbook.

Guestbook is working again...


Thanks for the info that our guestbook was not longer running. Also behind the DX-pedition we do our best to inform you so good as possible. The problem is solved now and the guestbook is running again. So please feel free to sign our guestbook.

The latest news....

Today we spent time to put up all our main antenna's. We installed the 160m vertical, a vertical for 80m, the 4 square for 40m, 2 other HEX beams (a total of 3 now), 2 verticals for 30m, A beverage for 160 and 80m, and a small RX loop. We still have to install a 2nd vertical for 80m and the 5 element yagi for 10m.

There are also some photo's uploaded. You can see them here

There has been another logupdate. About 4000 Q's are logged now

The noise level is fairly high at the moment, even with our beverage RX antenna....we are searching for a solution.

Finally the broken amplifier is working again.

Henk-ON4AHF---broken-ampOne of the Expert 1K-FA amplifiers is busted in transit. Henk is working very hard to solve the problem. Lets hope he can fix it.

P.S. Todat we receive the good news from Patrick that the amp is working again. Thats great news!


Very good news to report

We have very good news. We have permission to use the land next to us to set up all the antenna's! Internet is also up and running.

Will just receive more good news: More antennes are installed now. So soon more stations will be in the air. Only the 10 mtr antenne is left now. That will be for tomorrow (dark now).

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