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QSL layout is out!

February 15, 2012 | TN2T | No Comments


QSL TN2THi! Good news! Our sample is out for the TN2T QSL card. Max, ON5UR will print them in the coming week, and he will send the cards to our QSL manager. You can already see how the QSL card will look like, just by clicking on the little photograph.
More good news from the printers!!

QSL cards are printed and our QSL manager will start returning your QSL requests next week

Pictures, film and audio from TN2T

February 2, 2012 | TN2T | No Comments

TN2T team 1024x692

TN2T team 1024x692We have uploaded some pictures. You can find them at the “Picturegallery” link. The pile-ups were huge. We made some audio files so you can hear how it sounded. In the mean time we have already sent the log to Tim, M0URX and he will handle all mistakes. We also want to thank everybody for their patience during the huge pile-ups.

We realized that everybody was anxious to see their call appear in our online log while we were active but internet access was nearly impossible (very very slow). If one operator would have to drive to city center he would lose half a day of operating time. Remember that we had only 6 operators to keep 3 stations going 24 hours a day, this made the operation very tough.

TN2T now QRT

January 31, 2012 | TN2T | No Comments

Yesterday morning around 08h00 GMT TN2T went QRT. Total QSO count is 50572. The log is uploaded now and will be on Clublog shortly.
Now we are back in Paris on our way home. Everything went smoothly with all the equipment through customs

All gear is packed

January 19, 2012 | TN2T | No Comments

It took us many hours to pack all gear. Everything is ready for transport.
We had two K3 radio’s that needed to be fixed. All parts were here just in time…
Saturday afternoon we will be leaving for Paris by train . We expect our flight to Pointe Noire to arrive  Sunday morning.

Setting up the 3 stations will take approximately 1 day .

The TN2T Dxpedition group is born….

December 14, 2011 | TN2T | No Comments

groepsfoto 2

groepsfoto 2After 6 months of trying  to get a license for TN, we’re delighted to inform you that our next DX pedition is a GO! During our previous expedition as 9Q50ON, we made a special effort to hand out a new country on the lower bands. This time we will improve our RX ability with the K7TJR receiving system using 4 verticals,  to have a better S/N ratio and the possibility to switch in 4 directions. We can use this RX system simultaneous on two radio’s!(80m and 160m)

On the higher bands the QSO impact will be much higher than the 9Q50ON operation, where we had few QSO’s on 10m! Even 6m could be possible! Most of the team members have been active on several Dxpedition adventures. Our operating site is near the sea. This will improve our signal strength in most parts of the globe, especially on the lower bands.

Dates : Sunday January 22nd until Tuesday 31st
Stay tuned for more information to come. Click on the picture to enlarge

Our main goal is…..

December 12, 2011 | TN2T | No Comments

Our main goal is….TO GET YOU IN THE LOG!
Ofcourse there are other targets:
– To give as many as possible op’s a new dxcc, new mode or band points.
– Activate all bands and modes.
– Enjoying the pile-ups.
– Having fun.
– Return safely.