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PRESS RELEASE IV – December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 | EP6T | No Comments

EP6T low bands 1

With only 16 days to go before the EP6T DXpedition will take place in the I.R of Iran, the Rockall DX Group is in the final process of finalizing their newest set-up:

5 High power stations, more than 6km of radials, new RX systems, filters, combiners, verticals, phased arrays, a 4 SQ and 5 beams should make it possible to get YOU in our log!

Out of almost 4.800 voters who filled out our poll, it’s obvious that “the Low bands” will become the challenge of this expedition. Our Low band (160/80/40) operators will be QRV from local sunset (13.45Z) up until our sunrise (03.00Z) and will hopefully be able to pull out the weaker W6 /W7 signals that will reach us on 160 meters via the long path.(27.000KM!) During the first two days of the expedition, we encourage DX stations from all corners of the world to listen to us on the Low bands and to keep our pilots informed of your best times so we can focus based on the data we receive. During these days we will also be doing our utmost to thin out the EU pile.

Propagation predictions show that almost all continents are within decent signal range, with North America the only exception. The EP to NA path is extremely difficult and of short duration. To give everyone a fair chance and to obtain a levelled continental balance, we will have to use all openings to NA to the fullest! The 10 meter antenna has been replaced by a 5 element OWA Yagi. By doing so, our signal will be significantly stronger, but we also hope to be able to log West Coast stations via LP.

You will be able to find us on the frequencies listed on our website

The website also provides a link to Stu, K6TU, that guarantees your personal propagation prediction towards Kish Island. We have put countless hours and tremendous efforts in trying to meet everyone’s needs and hopes for your cooperation; because besides predictions, the most important message “is the operators instructions”

During our stay it is likely that next to the experts from the C.R.A, some local radio amateurs will come and visit us. Together, we will share all our experiences and help them discover the fun of pile-ups. Please be patient and help them to discover this wonderful hobby.

Your QSL card is guaranteed, all information can be found on our website and note that each individual sponsor in our log receives a QSL card completely free of charge!

The Rockall DX Group wishes you Happy Holidays, and a good EP6T hunt!

*For your convenience we have listed useful information below for you to work us:

EP6T low bands 1


Preparing and testing equipment

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ep6t preparations14

ep6t preparations14

Marc ON4AMX makes new guy wires with stainless steel mounting system for anchoring the aluminum Spidermasts

 ep6t preparations19  ep6t preparations20

               Mounting anchor guywires on the masts and setting up the platipus-ground anchor

  ep6t preparations53 

 The platipus ground anchor. Can handle up to 250kg of load  

on4br testing 

Carlo ON4BR modifying / changing coax-connectors on the high power 4O3A combiner   

on4ahf testing 

Henk ON4AHF in his lab : Testing / tuning RX- filters with his spectrum analyser

News update!

November 30, 2014 | EP6T | No Comments

The Rockall DX Group has been very busy the past few weeks and by the looks of it you have been too!
Thanks in advance to all the clubs and especially to the Northern California DX Foundation for your confidence in the EP6T project!

The individual donorlist is growing longer each day, that made us decide to send a direct QSL card for contacts made with EP6T to all individual contributors without any cost.

Meanwhile, Dr. Azim Fard, General Director of Radio Frequency Planning and  Licensing of the C.R.A  in the Islamic Republic of Iran has given this project a real boost.
Sixty students have already passed their hamradio exams with flying colors and will be able to receive an EP call in the near future.
160m and 30m are not allocated to amateur radio service in Iran, but Dr. Fard allowed us to use these bands during the EP6T Dxpedition.
Unfortunately 6m shall not be used. This band is allocated to fixed, mobile and broadcasting services.

It’s fantastic to see such a high level of interest towards this project, but on the other hand we are concerned by the small timeframe in which we can work NA.
Propagation predictions made for us by K6TU, tells us that the path from Iran to North America is very difficult. In contrast to other continents, the NA openings are of short duration and the signals on various frequencies are extremely weak.
On low bands it might be possible that signals from W6, 7 are arriving over the long path.

Stu’s predictions will be the guiding principle for our beam direction, but this will not be enough to get a fair continental balance.

We will keep this in mind in order to prepare a plan and to share this with the DX community so everyone knows in advance what the appropriate time is to contact us. By doing so, YOU will hopefully give us the opportunity to work with other continents during “their opening”.
We will do our best by all means to revert your feedback to our pilots to fit our plan the best way possible.
QRX, more info available soon on

The Rockall DX Group.

Prior to the expedition

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Frank ON7RU & Mr. Omedian

The Rockall DX Group is always looking for new challenges .
Here is our latest: the I.R. of IRAN!
For the last three years we have been trying to receive a temporary amateur radio license for the I.R. of Iran. Many people reported that “An expedition is not possible” .

Frank ON7RU & Mr. Omedian


After countless letters and emails, we decided to go to the Iranian Embassy in Brussels.
Frank ON7RU and Patrick ON4HIL had a meeting with the council Mr. Omedian .
They talked about the possibility for an DXpedition and gave a small presentation about amateur radio.


 Frank ON7RU and Mr. Omedian

Last August Patrick ON4HIL and his wife Betty ON3BET went to Tehran for a meeting withDr.Fard & his Staff Doctor Azim Fard, Director General of the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA)
To our surprise Dr Fard invited all the responsible persons of various departments.
Safety and national security has top priority in Iran because they are surrounded by war and agitation. Patrick gave a presentation to convince the authorities there is no treat in hamradio.                                                                                                                                                                                         Dr.Fard & his Staff

After answering all the questions and exchanging Belgian chocolates into a beautiful Iranian vase, we had a positive feeling about the meeting , but still had to wait for a final decision .

Possible QTH on Kish



In the meantime we went to Kish Island (AS-166) to search for a perfect spot for the expedition.
We visited 4 locations who are all be examined  by our group.


Possible QTH on Kish


Patrick, ON4HIL and Dr.Fard

Back in Tehran Dr Fard organized a meeting with the radio amateurs and enthusiasts.
Patrick gave a presentation about our plans and how to improve amateur radio in Iran.
27 people attended the presentation with great interest, including some woman and  someone who had travelled more than 1000km to meet us! Dr Fard ended the meeting with the promise to support the radio amateur service in Iran.

Patrick, ON4HIL and Dr. Fard


At the CRA training center  Betty ON3BET

At the CRA training center                                      Betty ON3BET

It’s remarkable how friendly and hospitable the Iranians are!

The country offers many nice cultural places and is the most rewarding destination for tourists

Mr Mohammad Mobini EP3MIR thanks for your great assistance in this project.
You are a big value in our team!


ON3BET                                        ON4HIL                                EP3MIR