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Powercut for 3 hours…

January 19, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments



Last night, was a long night… we had a powercut for more than 3 hours. Normally we are on air 24 hours per day, so stay tuned.

It was also fine to put the first NA station on 160 mtr in our logbook.

Guestbook is working again…

January 18, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments



Thanks for the info that our guestbook was not longer running. Also behind the DX-pedition we do our best to inform you so good as possible. The problem is solved now and the guestbook is running again. So please feel free to sign our guestbook.

The latest news….

January 17, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

Today we spent time to put up all our main antenna’s. We installed the 160m vertical, a vertical for 80m, the 4 square for 40m, 2 other HEX beams (a total of 3 now), 2 verticals for 30m, A beverage for 160 and 80m, and a small RX loop. We still have to install a 2nd vertical for 80m and the 5 element yagi for 10m.

There are also some photo’s uploaded. You can see them here

There has been another logupdate. About 4000 Q’s are logged now

The noise level is fairly high at the moment, even with our beverage RX antenna….we are searching for a solution.

Very good news to report

January 17, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

We have very good news. We have permission to use the land next to us to set up all the antenna’s! Internet is also up and running.

Will just receive more good news: More antennes are installed now. So soon more stations will be in the air. Only the 10 mtr antenne is left now. That will be for tomorrow (dark now).

EP6T on air…

January 16, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments



EP6T became QRV yesterday evening local time. For the time being they still only have a limited setup as they are waiting for approval from local Iranian security people to make use of a nearby terrain which will be used for the big low band antennas. All antennas are assembled but are still lying on the ground waiting to be erected. They hope to get approval before local sunset in order to put up the 160M, 80M verticals and the 40M four square array. Last night they went QRT after a few hours on the air because the bands for which they had antennas all went out and the low band antennas were not up. They needed some sleep after being awake for more than 36 hours. Internet is not available in the shack but they are trying to get this fixed as well.

More news will follow in due course.

We arrived in Teheran!!

January 16, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

team tehran

We have good news! Everything is going as planned, we passed  customs in Tehran with ALL our equipment, and are now waiting for our domestic flight to Kish Island! The help of Dr Fard was very much appreciated again and we were very happy to be welcomed by so many people of the local amateur radio society in the middle of the night. The 50 km trip between airports which was arranged by Mohammed (EP3MIR) and his assistant Ali went perfectly.

team tehran team 2

       The Rockall team in Tehran                           EP3MIR, ON4AHF and ON4BR


All official departments on Kish island have been notified about our radio expedition. There should be no restrictions. In a few hours after arrival on the island we will start building the antennas, and setting up the stations. Expecting to be on air by midnight January 16th.



EP6T Team – Departure Brussels airport

January 15, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments




Flight from Brussels airport to Moscow. From Moscow a second flight to Teheran (Iran) and the last flight from Teheran to Kish Island.

We just got news from the team, they are save in Teheran Airport in this moment.

Press Release V

January 14, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

Thursday morning, three years after our first contact in Iran, members of the Rockall Dx Group will be leaving Brussels at 12 o’clock local time. Flying to Teheran (via Moscow) where we have to change airport for the domestic flight to Kish Island AS-166. We have 30 fully packed suitcases filled with radio equipment and antennas. Radios will be carried as hand luggage which leaves about 6 kg of personal stuff for each operator.

We expect arrival on Kish island January 16th early morning. As soon as we have approval from the local police we can start building antennas. Priority will be lowband TX. 40m four-square and Hexbeams setting up the equipment in the shack is planned after sunset. EP6T will probably be going on air early morning of January 17th, but remember that we have not been sleeping for 36 hours at that time! Lowband RX antennas and 10m yagi will go up during the next day. We will be off air for a few hours to finish the station setup.

There will be two groups of 5 people operating in 4 hour shifts, around the clock. Again we want to ask people in Europe and Asia for your cooperation when we have propagation to North America, since this is the most difficult path on all bands. Listen to the operators instructions, and we will all be enjoying the pile ups.

There has been some deliberate QRM on 80 meters during the last months, the EP6T operators are aware of this, so turn your VFO away from the QRM and maybe you will find us calling a little bit below or above our announced frequency.

On Top Band we may be listening 1803 – 1810 for NA if EU/AS signals are causing too much trouble. Again, listen to the operators instructions.

We would like some signal reports from NA on 10 and 160m. Please send these reports via so we can adjust according to propagation openings. We will have daily updates from our pilots. If you want to know the best time to work us, use the link to K6TU on our website. When we have internet access you will find pictures, updates and the online log as well. Don’t forget the donate button which gives you a free QSL card for your QSO with EP.

Social media is covered by Bjorn, ON9CFG, twitter #EP6T and on Facebook.

We would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Dr Fard, Mrs. Mortazavi and our assistants in Iran helping us getting EP6T on air, without them this expedition would not be possible.

The Rockall Dx Group