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Game over for EP6T!

January 27, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

The last QSO was logged @03h08 on 40m today. A total of 68098 QSO’s are logged. The log has been fully uploaded to clublog.  It was a moving 9 days of operation. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the excitment. We are now packing all gear.


73’s from the EP6T team


January 25, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments


Damn, another visit by Murphy last night !
You may have noticed that we were not on air after 22U3O . The whole citycentre had a power failure for seven hours!
Sunrise had passed when we could start operating again .

Today we had 2 groups of CRA officials visiting . After having a guided tour of our station and antenna farm they wanted to test our transmitters again, this time they wanted to check if their receivers in Tehran could hear our signals on 15 meter.



Our Visitor counter is now at 30 . The officials are very interested in this project and therefore not all stations could be operated because of all questions that had to be answered .
Nearing the end of our expedition this is very encouraging for the new local radio amateurs who have passed their test .

We still try our best to put as many NA stations in the log as possible but conditions and noise level makes it hard work especially on the long path to west coast. 40 m is still terrible, even the European signals are difficult to copy

Operators are tired but in a good mood and still ready to work the pile ups

The Rockall DX group

Official visit to the EP6T shack

January 24, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

ep6t 091

Today 8 officials from the CRA visited our location.
These guy’s where the CRA managers of different districts in Iran.
After a short introduction of our equipment and antenna farm the gentlemen wanted to test our radio equipment on different bands.
We stopped our operation so they could do there tests, it tooks approx.30 min.
They made connections with the HQ observer station in Teheran from several radio’s using the EP6T callsign !
At the same time Mohammad EP3MIR was making some QSO’s on request of the observer’s team.
Unfortunately it was all on the NA West-coast opening and we got some comments on that.
Tomorrow another goverment delegation will visit us and probably will request us to stop the operation for a short time.

The Local QRM level is still killing us, we found the source of it but can’t do anything about it.
Battery chargers for electric scooters from a nearby rental shop is the cause of our problems and there are many of them!
Our license is strictly given for this location so moving to another QTH is not an option.
Pulling you out of the noise takes a lot of energy and slows down our rate, especialy the weaker signals from North America

Monday morning after sunrise we will start dismanteling the topband antenna.
Monday evening after the higher bands are closed, we will start taking down these antennas.
During our last night including the sunrise opening, we will be active on 30,40 and 80m.


There are also some new pictures uploaded to our picture gallery


ep6t 091 ep6t 039 ep6t 096

            One of the observers               Mohamad, EP3MIR                 

We receive every day a lot of e-mails…

January 23, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

EP6T e-mails

EP6T e-mails

We are getting a lot of e-mails and we do read each and every one of them and pass on to the team in a digest form that being said, if you have a question about “my call” was busted, or the time or band of “your QSO”.

Please send those questions only to Tim M0URX, and he, and only he as QSL manager can answer those.

For  those that have a hard drive crashes, we are sorry, but that is not something we can control.

If your hard drive crashes we strongly suggest that you “write time down immediately” so you know the time.

We receive also a lot of nice words and compliments about the DX pedition. Its maybe better to write this direct in the guestbook.


Operating from Iran

January 22, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments



We know that receiving is our main problem at this time, the noise level on most of the bands is very high. The first 2 days we had very high QRM level of humm and buzz on all bands. We bought a portable radio to search for the QRM and found a neighbours faulty aircondition, this is now eliminated.

But there is still a high noise level on all bands, on the phased array for 30m it goes up to S9 ! Even our receiving antennes have S5 noise, manmade noise probably caused by neon lights and battery chargers all around our QTH, so you can imagine how we are struggling with the weak signals from the USA.

The 4 Square on 40m is useless for receiving in NA and SA direction. For us is it also very frustrating to hear the pile-up in the noise with some strong signals peaking sometimesjust above our noise level.

Our receiving antennas (K9AY, Bev. en loops) are vertical polarised. Today we put up another one for horizontal polarization. Maybe this will do better against the vertical polarised man madenoise, we will see in a few hours. We brought all kinds of netfilters and common mode filters and installed a proper ground but all this can not help us to kill the QRM we are having.

On the low bands we have to pull out all callers and this takes time! On 80 m we have better propagation to NA and SA around our SR and S/N is very good, but than everyone is calling 🙂 We cant work all of you in this short time but we will keep doing our best.

Please remember that this project is a start for all new radio amateurs in Iran, promoting ham radio is our maingoal, so in the future, contacts with EP will be guaranteed.

 73’s from the EP6T team


News from Iran

January 21, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

team ep6t

We are constant aware of the unbalanced amount of “EU-NA-VK-AS” QSO’s. We do our best do bend this fact but 10 days is perhaps to less time to satisfy everybody. We are trying to call for certain area’s, but do not always have the control on the hard to find “HAM spirit”. Jammers, calling with fake calls and disrespecting the operators, sending disgraceful emails and calling us names is sometimes to much for us. PLEASE A LITTLE MORE RESPECT is needed.

Last night was the first day to enjoy RX with no local QRM. There is a noise level we must concur but this is not local. Many JA’s made it through on the low bands, and on 80m some NA stations made it through. Only as far KV4FZ and NP2X was worked on 160m. Even EU was hard to work at sunrise.

We have 4 RX antenna’s we can switch but when conditions are bad there’s nothing we can do.

Today we had a visit of the Iranian press TV. They made a report and will be transmitted on the air tonight. We seem to be famous people over here, hihi.

We will do a logupdate on a regular base. We can’t do any log adjustments at the moment. Our QSL manager will adjust when possible after the operation. Just send a mail with your busted call together with the time, band and mode you worked us.


team ep6t interview

Log up-date n°4: more than 20.000 QSO’s online.

January 20, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments



Another logbook up-date is online. Up-date N° 4: More than 20.000 QSO’s are online now. We receive every day a lot of e-mails with several requests.

The team read this info carefully and we hope to get you soon in our logbook. Remember always that we have a very high QRM level at our side.