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RSGB convention 2015

October 10, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

rsgb convention 2015 24

rsgb convention 2015 24Carlo, ON4BR and Marc, ON6CC have been to the RSGB convention at Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes (GB). The first lection is given now, tomorrow Carlo will give the second one. We had to search for the location, but finally we found it! The food is good, and the contacts with other “G” stations are friendly! One more day and we’re of to Belgium again. Pictures can be found at this link

Presentation at the HAM vention in Dayton

May 24, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

dayton hamvention 201513

dayton hamvention 201513Patrick, ON4HIL and Marc, ON6CC was the last team to go abroad to Dayton. First there was a dinner that was organized by the DX forum at the Mariot hotel, where we met Zorro, JA1AJT, and many other welknown DXers. The day after they had a short presentation about the EP6T expedition. Afterwards we were invited by Jay, K4ZLE who took us for a BBQ after the presentation. Bob, N8NR was our host. It was a short but wonderful experiance for them. After a short stay they went back to Belgium. We want to thank everybody for their friendly hospitallity. Some pictures can be found at this link

The IDXC convention in Visalia California

April 25, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments


visaliaLast weekend, Luc ON4IA and Frank ON7RU attended the IDXC convention in Visalia California. Luc and Franky received a warm welcome by all these famous west coast DXers. Many attend one of the presentations and they were impressed by our efforts. Thanks to the board of the IDXC for the invitation and the wonderful weekend in Visalia. Pictures can be found on this link (IDXC) and on our local website with this link. You missed this one? Soon Patrick and Marc will travel to Dayton for one of the last presentations, don’t miss it.

PA3EWP and ON4AHF at the GM-DX convention

April 14, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

GM convention02

GM convention02Ron PA3EWP and Henk ON4AHF attended the GMDX Convention in Stirling Scotland where they gave a presentation on the EP6T -Expedition. It was very enjoyable and interesting to meet top Dx-ers and exchange experiences.
Special thanks to Rob GM3YTS and Tom GM4FDM for the warm welcome ! Pictures can be found on our website. Here are some more pictures on Nigels website. Tomorrow, Luc, ON4IA and Frank, ON7RU will leave for the conference in Visalia (USA)

Donations – conventions

March 21, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

Maybe you have noticed it. We have stopped our donnation request. All the donnations that we received in the past were a warm welcome! We will now concentrate on making a DVD. If it’s ready, you can order it through our website again. We will also give several presentations all over the world.

These are already planned:


– GMDX convention on the 11th of April – click here for more info

– IDXC convention on the 18th of April – click here for more info

– Dayton HAM vention from the 15 till the 17 of May

QSL delivery by MØURX

March 18, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

3,008 Direct letters have been posted for EP6T delivery is between 3 – 7 days.
Packages also sent to GDXF, DDXG & SDXG.

ALL Bureau cards requested before the 8th March have now been sent to all World Bureaus on our mailing today.

We would like to thank Charles M0OXO, who helped Tim process the letters over the last few days. It has taken over 100 man hours since the arrival of the cards from the printer last week to label cards, fill the envelopes & package the directs and bureau.

The EP6T QSL is ready to go to the printers!

February 24, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments


We are happy to inform you that Max, ON5UR, our print – expert made 2 samples of the EP6T QSL.

Tim, MØURX says:

“24,000 QSOs processed for QSL. About 2,400 direct and about 2000 bureau cards will be ready around the 20th of March….”

Our double card



Our Single card


Click on the cards to enlarge…

This expedition took place in extremely difficult circumstances.

Despite many hurdles such as security, customs, power losses, the visit of more than 30 officials and observers and an extremely high QRM level caused by man made noise with occasional peaks up to over S9, we still managed to retrieve more than 68,000 Q’s !

The Rockall Dx Group is proud to inform you that our goal to promote amateur radio in Iran, hence opening doors for both local radio amaters as future DXpedition groups, has been achieved.

Dr. Azim Fard, General Director of the CRA, has assured to further keep supporting ham radio in Iran by creating exams and establishing new clubs.

The translation of our 150 page course to Farsi will be a good guide and will soon also be downloadable for free in the neighboring countries.

As always we would like to thank our sponsors for their trust in the Rockall Dx Group and hope to be able to count on you in the future.

Individual sponsors who have joined our log will receive a QSL card free of charge.

Max ON5UR is currently busy with the QSL design which Tim M0URX will then further distribute, taking this roll as his lead.

A video of this adventure will be made available shortly.

We have learned a lot but still there is so much more to tell, therefor we will be visiting the DX convention for a presentation in CA, GMDX, FDH and perhaps in your club with a Powerpoint presentation.

See you all soon in a new and exciting DXadventure!

The Rockall DX Group.