We arrived in Teheran!!

January 16, 2015 | EP6T | No Comments

team tehran

We have good news! Everything is going as planned, we passed  customs in Tehran with ALL our equipment, and are now waiting for our domestic flight to Kish Island! The help of Dr Fard was very much appreciated again and we were very happy to be welcomed by so many people of the local amateur radio society in the middle of the night. The 50 km trip between airports which was arranged by Mohammed (EP3MIR) and his assistant Ali went perfectly.

team tehran team 2

       The Rockall team in Tehran                           EP3MIR, ON4AHF and ON4BR


All official departments on Kish island have been notified about our radio expedition. There should be no restrictions. In a few hours after arrival on the island we will start building the antennas, and setting up the stations. Expecting to be on air by midnight January 16th.



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