Prior to the expedition

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Frank ON7RU & Mr. Omedian

The Rockall DX Group is always looking for new challenges .
Here is our latest: the I.R. of IRAN!
For the last three years we have been trying to receive a temporary amateur radio license for the I.R. of Iran. Many people reported that “An expedition is not possible” .

Frank ON7RU & Mr. Omedian


After countless letters and emails, we decided to go to the Iranian Embassy in Brussels.
Frank ON7RU and Patrick ON4HIL had a meeting with the council Mr. Omedian .
They talked about the possibility for an DXpedition and gave a small presentation about amateur radio.


 Frank ON7RU and Mr. Omedian

Last August Patrick ON4HIL and his wife Betty ON3BET went to Tehran for a meeting withDr.Fard & his Staff Doctor Azim Fard, Director General of the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA)
To our surprise Dr Fard invited all the responsible persons of various departments.
Safety and national security has top priority in Iran because they are surrounded by war and agitation. Patrick gave a presentation to convince the authorities there is no treat in hamradio.                                                                                                                                                                                         Dr.Fard & his Staff

After answering all the questions and exchanging Belgian chocolates into a beautiful Iranian vase, we had a positive feeling about the meeting , but still had to wait for a final decision .

Possible QTH on Kish



In the meantime we went to Kish Island (AS-166) to search for a perfect spot for the expedition.
We visited 4 locations who are all be examined  by our group.


Possible QTH on Kish


Patrick, ON4HIL and Dr.Fard

Back in Tehran Dr Fard organized a meeting with the radio amateurs and enthusiasts.
Patrick gave a presentation about our plans and how to improve amateur radio in Iran.
27 people attended the presentation with great interest, including some woman and  someone who had travelled more than 1000km to meet us! Dr Fard ended the meeting with the promise to support the radio amateur service in Iran.

Patrick, ON4HIL and Dr. Fard


At the CRA training center  Betty ON3BET

At the CRA training center                                      Betty ON3BET

It’s remarkable how friendly and hospitable the Iranians are!

The country offers many nice cultural places and is the most rewarding destination for tourists

Mr Mohammad Mobini EP3MIR thanks for your great assistance in this project.
You are a big value in our team!


ON3BET                                        ON4HIL                                EP3MIR


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