Our last day…..reporting that we are heading for 70k QSO’s. The one who enters the 70k QSO has to order a bottle of champagne hihi.
Two firsts again on 80m! ZL1IU and FK8CP… The last one was peaking just above the noise level. Trying to beat the static around the equator is a hard job to do, as we were QRV for our last night on the low bands. It was one of those days that you can’t beat nature. The evening began promising but ended in a disaster. We called “CQ” in repeat mode on 160 m but no reply…. Almost all antenna’s are dismantled, except our 2 HEX beams which we can be used on 4 different bands simultaneously to run our 4 stations to reach our 70k target. Our new team members did a fantastic job, and we have the feeling we have some new friends forever. If 9U4U is not in your log, turn the antenna towards Africa and call us, it’s your last chance.

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