Two VK stations worked on 80m!

February 23, 2013 | 9U4U | No Comments

Last night 2 VK stations were worked on 80m! We also tried for 160m with one of them. We heard something but it was not good enough for a QSO. This would probably be a “first”. Our signals were heard in ZL on 80, but no QSO was made. 80m was great later in the night, with JA’s worked 2 hours before their sunrise. Some were even stronger than the European pileup. No thunder crashes heard. Only the heavy QSB made it a bit difficult. Further there were about 30 PSK stations worked on 30m, and even a SSB QSO on 160, and a RTTY QSO on 80. We will do some 160m CW operation this night around 1811 Mhz. Hopefully we don’t have to much interfearance from the SSB conteststations.

Please don’t send a talk message through the cluster because we all see the popup on our screen. If there is something to say, send a mail please. We can’t give everybody there request, but try to activate in as many modes en bands as possible.

Tomorrow around noon our operation will be over. Logs can not always be updated because of the slow internet connection we have.We shall see if we hold one station operational until the final curtain falls

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