Again a good run around sunrise on 80 and 160 m

February 22, 2013 | 9U4U | No Comments

9u4u redbull

9u4u redbullRound sunrise signals were very strong on 160 and 80. We reached as far as the West Coast. We even worked a mobile station on 80. What a thrill! Without our receiving antennas this wasn’t possible. The EWE antenna we recently put up over classes the K9AY loop, but is to close to the 80 an 160 m vertical, so we have heavy interference from each other at the receiving end. On 40, 30, 12 and 10 meters we gave many RTTY operators a new one. It was hard to work US stations on 10m RTTY because of the fluttering signals. We even got “marked” as pirats when someone blocked our transmission frequency, claiming there was no propagation between Africa and Stateside! We will be on 160 during the CQ 160 SSB but not in SSB. We hope we can get some of you guys in the log around sunrise. As things go like this we estimated we should end around 65K QSO’s. Sunday morning will be the end of our operation. The team is tiried but in good shape. Energy drinks keeps us going. Be sure to get your call in our log. WE’RE 9U “FOR” YOU!!!!!

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