Good openings on 160 and 80m last night

February 21, 2013 | 9U4U | No Comments

It began with a good SSB opening on 80m. We continuously changed from continent so everybody had a chance. Japan was worked on 803 and the US on 805. Others were worked 5 to 10 up. Static and QSB slowed down the rate. Later on signals were getting better and better. Static disappeared so signals could be heard with ease. At one time we logged 3 stations a minute on 160! About 50 US stations were logged in that time. We hope to work West Coast and VK/ZL tonight. We gave many guys a new bandpoint on 40 RTTY. Our 4 square array helped us doing that. At one time stations from different continents could be worked simultaneously, just by switching directions.

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