Going to our 2nd day of operating

February 15, 2013 | 9U4U | No Comments

Overall things go well over here at the site. Though we have some problems on the receiving side on 160m. We are planning to move the verticals for 30m, because it’s inter fearing on 40 and 80. Now we are installing a 3rd HEXbeam because our 4th station is not in the air at the moment because we can not use 20m in combination with 10 and 15 or one combiner. It’s very hot over here with temperatures reaching 30 deg. Yesterday evening we had a minor thunder crashes with heavy rain, but it passed quickly. On 160m we have worked 143 stations already. We have about 500m of coax that can be used for more experiments hihi. Pictures will follow shortly. Logs have been updated half an hour ago

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