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Testing the RX system and the combiner

January 13, 2013 | 9U4U | No Comments

Theo, ON4ATW

Theo, ON4ATWToday we tested the combiner. We coupled 3 linears on 3 different bands, to one HEX beam (10m-15m and 20m). This all went well. 20m and 10m had a slightly RX problem. Since we will combine only 1 HEX beam with 2 stations, this will not effect the overall result. In total we will take 3 HEX beams with us, and only 1 HEX beam will be combined. Probably 20m and 15m will be combined. The others can serve as stand-alone. The testing of the HI-Z system will be examined further on. On 80m it was a “killer”. Improvement must be done for 160m.