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February 2, 2012 | TN2T | No Comments

TN2T team 1024x692

TN2T team 1024x692We have uploaded some pictures. You can find them at the “Picturegallery” link. The pile-ups were huge. We made some audio files so you can hear how it sounded. In the mean time we have already sent the log to Tim, M0URX and he will handle all mistakes. We also want to thank everybody for their patience during the huge pile-ups.

We realized that everybody was anxious to see their call appear in our online log while we were active but internet access was nearly impossible (very very slow). If one operator would have to drive to city center he would lose half a day of operating time. Remember that we had only 6 operators to keep 3 stations going 24 hours a day, this made the operation very tough.

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