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October 7, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments

Our QSL manager has received a few dozen e-mails with inquiries to check the log for “not in log”. Every inquiry has been dealt with and corrections have been made. In most cases the call sign got busted. He will upload the corrected log to LoTW, also the online log has been updated.There will be no updates/corrections until after this weekend 8/9 Oct.

MM0RAI/p EU189 QSL policy

October 5, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments

The log has been uploaded to LoTW. All individual sponsors (both 2009 and 2011) will get a “free”direct QSL card via mail, no need to send a SASE to our manager! (provided you worked us of course). Make sure your address is correct on QRZ.COM! Bureau cards will be put in the QSL’ing system in November. Members of the GDXF and MDXC will have their cards a little sooner. The QSL card has to be designed and printed so sit back and wait. If the online log does not show your callsign send an e-mail to ON4ATW.  An update will be posted on this website to let you know when the cards arrive from the printer.

Everybody is back home

October 5, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments

DSC 0097 515x412

Tuesday (4 October), a part of the Rockall team arrived in Brussels, where some enthusiastic people were waiting upon their arrival. It was a breath taking experience for all of them. Patrick (ON4HIL) mentioned the well prepared crew of cdt Fourcault, which was 80% of their success story!

DSC 0097 515x412

The 3 team members that were anchored in Brest (France) are back home again. They had to rent a car to come back. One of them was Rudi, ON7YT, the second person to get on the rock. He told me he had to climb the steep way. It took him almost 2 hours to finally meet Patrick on the top….what a touching moment it was!