We have landed!!

September 30, 2011 | MM├śRAI/p | No Comments

rockall 2011 ON5TN 230 640x480

  • Patrick, ON4HIL is the first to land on Rockall!
  • Rudi, ON7YT is now also on top of Rockall and they are now moving equipment from the cdt Fourcault to the rock
  • Equipment now on top. MM0RAI/P EU189 now active opr. ON4HIL. Operation started on the 1st October at 1545 UTC
  • Patrick & Rudi are going to stay on the rock until tomorrow around noon, if weather permits

rockall 2011 ON5TN 230 640x480 rockall 2011 ON5TN 154 640x480

Foto’s have been taken just before landing


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