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We believe we have some good news to report ….
The rockall team is going to undertake a second attempt to reach and climb the rock!
They left St Kilda this afternoon, it will take about 14 hours to sail back to Rockall. They carefully studied all the swell and wind charts, and concluded that Saturday morning is favorable to go on the rock. The plan is to activate the rock for only 1 day because they lost a lot of time, in returning to St Kilda. The team had a nice break and had some recreation  over there at St Kilda:

catchfish skijet

Here you see Rudi, ON7YT having a good time with water skiing and fishing

You can examn the weathercharts yourself. This link for the wind forecast and this link for the swell forecast
We wish the Rockall team all the luck in the world to get the job done in the coming days…..

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