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We have landed!!

September 30, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments

rockall 2011 ON5TN 230 640x480

  • Patrick, ON4HIL is the first to land on Rockall!
  • Rudi, ON7YT is now also on top of Rockall and they are now moving equipment from the cdt Fourcault to the rock
  • Equipment now on top. MM0RAI/P EU189 now active opr. ON4HIL. Operation started on the 1st October at 1545 UTC
  • Patrick & Rudi are going to stay on the rock until tomorrow around noon, if weather permits

rockall 2011 ON5TN 230 640x480 rockall 2011 ON5TN 154 640x480

Foto’s have been taken just before landing


They can see the rock!!

September 30, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments

The Cdt. Fourcault has arrived. The ship is anchored about 250m from the rock. A landing is out of the question right now. The swell will become better in the coming hours. Patrick (ON4HIL) and  Rudi (ON7YT) will do an exploration tour with the zodiac. If they can get on the rock, it will be a small operation. Only 2 bands will be activated. On 40m and 20m.

We have hit the news in Scotland! You can read all information via this link

Good news!!!

September 29, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments


We believe we have some good news to report ….
The rockall team is going to undertake a second attempt to reach and climb the rock!
They left St Kilda this afternoon, it will take about 14 hours to sail back to Rockall. They carefully studied all the swell and wind charts, and concluded that Saturday morning is favorable to go on the rock. The plan is to activate the rock for only 1 day because they lost a lot of time, in returning to St Kilda. The team had a nice break and had some recreation  over there at St Kilda:

catchfish skijet

Here you see Rudi, ON7YT having a good time with water skiing and fishing

You can examn the weathercharts yourself. This link for the wind forecast and this link for the swell forecast
We wish the Rockall team all the luck in the world to get the job done in the coming days…..

News from the boat….

September 28, 2011 | MMØRAI/p | No Comments


The Cdt. Fourcault has reached Rockall at a distance of about 10 miles, and sailing very slowly. About 3 crew members suffer from severe seasickness (ON4HIL; ON5TN and Tom). About 3 crew members are probably mentally en physically strong enough to do an attempt to reach the rock. In the comming hours they are going to deliberate about the forthcoming situation. The storm of 12m high waves is going to pass in the next hours. Late in the evening weather will be better. Winds are now around 50 to 70 knots! They can’t see the rock at the moment. They can only see as far as 100 yards. An update will follow….

This picture was taken yesterday, leaving St Kilda behind….

Final stage…..buro QSL’s

September 1, 2011 | 9Q5ØON | No Comments

The final stage is on it’s way now. We send out all buro QSL card’s. We will take a look at the incoming buro QSL’s when there’s a complaint. Look in our log if we logged you before you complain! If you are in the log, you will receive a card. We have send out QSL’s to every QSO we made, so don’t worry!

The QSL team