The LOTW file is out!

April 17, 2011 | 9Q5ØON | No Comments


lotwhis week we uploaded the LOTW file. Within the first hour about 12.800 Q’s were confirmed! Not only the QSO’s from our expedition back in December are uploaded, but also the 1000 QSO’s that were made in July by Patrick are uploaded. The +100 envelopes that reached us recently are also ready to be send out…..stay tuned! The next step will be the buro QSL’s. We are planning to send out the rest of the log through the buro. Please check if your callsign is in the log because there maybe a mistake in the log. Send me a mail if you think the QSO you made is not in the log, so we don’t send cards out that were suposed to be for someone else….

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