The story behind the Rockall DX Group ….

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The Elinca around Rockall Island in 2009

2008. A group of enthusiast radio amateurs from Belgian had a crazy idea to
put “Rockall Island” on the air. At that time nobody had a clue of what to expect.

2009. After a year of planning, testing, training, meeting, writing…..plans were to do the trip.
We rented the Elinca from Scotland and sailed to the rock in the month June 2009.
Storm was to come and plans had to be postponed. We thought we had failed as a team at that time…

The Elinca around Rockall Island in 2009

In the same year we did a less dangerous trip to Ilse-de-Batz in France (EU-105) with the call F/OT2A
with low power in expedition style.
We managed to put up 2 stations in the air, separated 200 meters from each other with a wireless link to couple
the 2 stations. Only verticals were used. More than 2k QSO’s were made in CW and SSB.

Ile de Batz - F/OT2A on EU-105

2010. Plans for a new Dxpedition were made. Our first “real” DXpedition. The Democratic Republic of Congo
was our goal. We wanted to have a special call to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of independence.


Our license was hard to get, but finally in December 2010, we flew to Kinshasa and made over 30k QSO’s
with the call 9Q50ON.

2011. Our plans for a 2nd expedition to Rockall were made. This time we had a much larger vessel than the first time in 2009.
September was not the most popular month for an expedition to Rockall, but the good weather conditions were in
our favour…we thought….On the 1st of October we as toned the world by putting EU-189 again on the world map!

The crew of MMØRAI/p on EU-189

The record of just above 200 QSO’s by a British team was pulverised by Patricks effort as MM0RAI/p. Just below 1K QSO’s were made from the rock!

2012. Another DXpedition to Africa this time to the Republic of Congo. Better equipped than ever before, and at a great location
30 meters above the sea level. More than 50k QSO’s were made from Point Noir as TN2T. With HK0NA and VP6T being active
in the same period, things got sometimes complicated


2013. Burundi this time! 9U4U gave us the unexpected 70k amount of QSO’s. We brought the fourth square for 40m with us and the
Hi-Z vertical receiving array for the lower bands. Great location near the Tanganyka lake!

The 9U4U crew

2015. The IR of Iran. Plans are in progress. The call EP6T will be used during the 10 days operation from Kish Island (AS-166)

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