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Dear all,

9Q50ON went QRT at 0505 Z on December 13th 2010 with 30442 QSO’s in our log.

We are getting plenty of e-mails from people asking about their QSO or questioning why they don’t find their callsign for a given band/slot in the online log. There are probable many reasons. First of all the final log has to be uploaded to clublog. Our webmaster is going to take care about this as soon as possible. Another reason might be that we busted your call. We are well aware of the fact that some callsigns got incorrectly logged due to circumstances. We admit we are humans and make mistakes sometimes! If you still do not find your callsign in the online log after the final upload please DO NOT send e-mails as we are not planning to change anything to what we originally logged before we get your card/QSL request. However we will use common sense to verify your data on your QSL card against our log. If we find a close match of your callsign within a reasonable timeframe from what you provided then the QSO is valid and we change the log accordingly.

The QSL card has to be designed and printed. Do not expect QSL’s before the end of February 2011. We are going to provide our QSL manager with some simple rules and assist him to get all requests answered as soon as possible. Bureau cards will be answered at a later stage. The log will be uploaded to LoTW much sooner as first announced on this website. Stay tuned for further updates.

Thanks for your understanding.

Merry X-mas and happy new-year from the entire 9Q50ON team.

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