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December 12, 2010 | 9Q5ØON | No Comments

For those who still need us on 160M. Send your callsign at a moderate speed eg. 23-25 wpm. Last night we heard lots of stations calling us at a much higher speed. Because signals are very weak it is very difficult to copy callers at 30 or more wpm.Please, if you hear us answering a station and it is not your callsign, do not call on top as this is a waste of time for all of us.This is also true for the higher bands.

on4ia deer

There is a large number of dupes in our log on the higher bands. We upload our log about twice a day to clublog. Check the online log, if you are in the log for a certain band/slot do not call us again! Sunday evening 12 December 2010 all three stations will be off air between 1800 UTC and 2300 UTC. We have been invited by our host to join him for dinner at a local restaurant. This time frame can change a little but we expect to be back on air around our local midnight.

73′ es cu 9Q50ON

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