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December 10, 2010 | 9Q5ØON | No Comments

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Today a delegation come to visit us from the Amateur Radio Club from DR Congo. They were quite impressed to see how things were running. Conditions were not that good but a good opening on 12 meters towards the southern states with some good signals sure gave many out there the desperate new country on 12 meter. We tried 10 but only a few calls from southern European area’s reached us. Today we reached the 20K mark with still a full weekend ahead! Please look at our daily updated log to see if you worked us because we make many dupes, which slows down the pile-up.

img 0307 640x480

We have frequently power-cuts so don’t shoot us if we suddenly disappear. Bands were very noisy over here with heavy QSB on the signals. Sorry for the guys who wanted to work us in RTTY on 30m but noise was killing us…..

See you in the pile ups


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