The MMØRAI/p QSO policy

November 20, 2008 | Rockall 2009 | No Comments

MM0RAI/p is an IOTA DX-pedition.
For DXCC, Rockall counts as GM (Scotland). If you want to work GM as a new one, the crew on Lewis island will be more than happy to help you on any band and any mode.
The IOTA program does not have a multi band or multi modes awards.
So you have to work us just on one band/mode. Extra QSOs will only make it more difficult for your friends to work us.
To give everybody a fair chance, try to work us on the easiest band for you.
For Europe and North East America this will be in the evening and the night on 80 and 40. Some of us are fanatic low-bander DXers but we will not be on Rockall for that.
During our day light hours (0800 till 1800 UTC), we will try to work DX between 30 and 10 meters.
There is no internet on Rockall. So asking us to turn our antennas to you only pollutes the DXclusters. If you have some good advice when and where to listen for you, tell us in advance or inform the pilot stations. 
On SSB we listen 5 to 10 kHz up, on CW 1 to 3 kHz up.
Look at the “frequency list” for the most change to find us.
Thanks for your cooperation. We hope to give you and many other Island hunters EU-189 as a new one.
Keep in mind that we are not on a sandy beach in the Carribian but on a cold, wet and dangerous rock in the North Atlantic!

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